DCMHA Operation Parking Fundraiser

Operation Parking!!! This year it was decided that as a fundraiser, The Dawson Creek Minor Hockey Association will be handling the parking during the 2014 Fall Fair Rodeo & Exhibition which runs from August 6th to 10th. This is a major undertaking and has the potential to bring in a substantial amount of revenue if we can all work together.

The parking starts on Monday August 4th, 2014, for campers. Sunday the 3rd is being left for set up, signage, blockades etc. Monday & Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday are focused on coordinating the camping. Wednesday afternoon around 2:00pm is when the exhibition opens and the parking will start to get busier. Thursday through to Sunday is the busiest days for parking.

We are asking for volunteers to help maintain the flow of traffic, parking and assisting with camper parking. We have broken down the schedule into 4-hour shifts for each timeslot that needs to be filled. Please see the attached signup sheet; this is a huge undertaking and we are asking allboard members to assist us in recruiting volunteers from each division’s teams, parents and friends to help fill these spots.


Skill Development & 3 on 3 Camp

Join the Best Performance Team, as we guide each group through 8 intense athlete centered sessions.  Each group will have focused instruction that will develop each player’s skating skills and puck skills.  The camp’s goal is for our athletes become more effective and skillful hockey players.  More info is available at www.bestperformance.ca

The 1-day 3 on 3 tournament will be held on the final day of the camp and is a culminating event for the entire camp and a primer for the upcoming season!

Skill Development August 18th to 21st

3 on 3 August 22nd



Recreation Coaches Apps. Deadline Aug 29 20

DCMHA will be using the same forms as last year. If you are unable to print them off please contact the DCMHA Office and pick up a copy.

DCMHA-Recreation Head Coach Application.pdf  DUE August 29 2014
DCMHA-Rep Head Coach Application.pdf
DCMHA-ALL Assistant Coach Application.pdf

Hockey season fast approaching, DCMHA has started its plans for next season. This year, the Executive will again utilize a Coach Selection Committee consisting of a combination of experienced, highly qualified individuals – both from the Executive and beyond our organization. The Coach Selection Committee has accepted the responsibility of ensuring the best coaching candidates are recommended for the Head Coaching positions. Although the process is in place, DCMHA is requesting your assistance. As members of our organization you have a vested interest in our success as well. If you are aware of a potential Coaching Candidate that you feel could be a valuable asset to our Association please encourage them to apply and send in an application attention: Mike Harris – DCMHA VP Hockey Operations. A link to the application form is provided on the DCMHA Website. Interviews will be conducted at the discretion of the Coach Selection Committee once we have received all interested applicants. Thank you to all coaching candidates for submitting your application & your interest in DCMHA Hockey.
Mike Harris
DCMHA – VP Hockey Operations

Respect In Sport Parent Program

DCMHA has made the Respect In Sport Parent Program (RISP) mandatory this hockey season for at least 1 parent per child.  By November 30th a parent needs their completion number handed into DCMHA. If the DCMHA office have not received the confirmation of program completion the child will NOT be able to participate in any games scheduled after November 30th. This is a BC Hockey
course and can be taken online.
The Respect in Sport Parent Program is an effective and informative online training program for parents of active children. This one hour online certification program reinforces a parents role in a child or youth’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and providing insight into the various roles other individuals (such as coaches and officials) play. This program empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child’s fun and camaraderie of the activity.
The number one reason cited for coaches, managers and officials of all ages leaving a sport is unacceptable parent behaviour. Let the Respect in Sport Parent Program help assert proper parent behaviours to create a more rewarding, safe and respectful environment for all parties involved.

Aaryn Norman
Risk Management

Team officials:
Coach’s and Mangers Meeting Documentation

Dawson Creek Minor Hockey acknowledges the Financial Assistance of the Province of BC